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Grace Writes:

Mommy’s tired. Mommy says I don’t sleep much and I eat all the time and keep her up all night. Silly Mommy. Why is she tired if I’m the one who’s up all night? I’m not tired at all. I like getting up at six.

Mommy says her new book is going to sound funny because she “doesn’t have a thought in her head.” Silly Mommy. Books are supposed to be funny. And involve barnyard animals. I like books. They taste good.

Mommy says writing’s hard. Silly Mommy. That’s why they put so many pictures in books. I like pictures. Especially pictures of octopus.

Mommy says she loves me. I love Mommy, too. So nap silly Mommy, nap. And I will write your book for you.

Mommy’s New Mystery

by Grace

See Bad Guy. See Bad Guy pull gun.

Run Good Guy, run!

See Bad Guy. See Bad Guy trip over Good Guy’s foot.

Good, Good Guy, good. Now hide!

See Bad Guy. See Bad Guy get mad. Chase, Bad Guy, chase.

Good Guy hides in barn.

See horse. Feel horse’s silky coat. What sound do horses make? Neigh.

See Bad Guy. Search, Bad Guy, search.

See cow. Feel cow’s wet nose. What sound do cows make? Moo.

Oh no! Bad Guy sees Good Guy.

Leap Good Guy, leap.

Fight, Bad Guy, fight.

Neigh, says the horse. Moo, says the cow.

Bluh, says the octopus.

Good Guy grabs gun. Grab, Good Guy, grab!

Boom, says the gun. Boom, boom.

Good night Bad Guy.

Good night room. Good night moon!

Good night little babies all tucked in bed.

Now wake up mommy and play instead!

The End

A Writer’s Blessing

Philbrick Photography

Being married to an Irishman, I spend a great deal of time staring at the various copies of An Irish Blessing, found throughout our house. Fortunately, it’s a beautiful verse, well worth reading.

Then one day it occurred to me that writers could use a blessing, too. So I adapted the Irish Blessing into the following Writer’s Blessing, in honor of the 2004 Romance Writers of America Conference in Dallas, Texas. I hope you enjoy.

May you always remember the thrill of being swept away by a really good book.
May the words you’re typing on the page be as worthy as the words running through your mind.
May your deadline be behind you.
May a good story lie ahead of you.
And as we go forth
May you always enjoy the journey to finding those two perfect words:
The End.

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