Lisa Gardner

Crime Shopping

Some women shop for shoes; I’m always looking for true-life crime-the more diabolical the better-so one of the first things I do before starting a new book is go crime shopping. I pore through newspapers and online sources, watch Court TV-you name it, when I’m on the trail, I’m relentless.

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Some of my villains have been inspired by true crime. Jim Beckett from THE PERFECT HUSBAND is loosely based on Ted Bundy, and the Eco-Killer in THE KILLING HOUR shares some traits with the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. Mostly though, I’m looking for that seed of an idea … which is where you come in.

Have you heard of a lesser-known true crime story that you think is twisted and dark enough to become part of one of my novels? Send me the details. If I haven’t previously heard of it and I use it in my next book, you’ll have the option of being listed in the acknowledgments of the book as well as receiving a signed copy.

Many thanks and happy researching.

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