Lisa Gardner

Writing as Alicia Scott

I actually started my career writing romantic suspense novels for Silhouette Intimate Moments as Alicia Scott. Many fans of my Lisa Gardner novels have requested the titles for my thirteen Alicia Scott books as well. I’m happy to include the list, but please bear in mind that these novels have a distinctly different feel from the Lisa Gardner books. You can consider them a kinder, gentler read—less language, less violence, and more romance.  These novels are the other side of Lisa Gardner.

Also, the original Silhouette Intimate Moments (SIMs) have only a four-week shelf life, and thus are now only available in a used bookstore or through various on-line sites such as eBay or

In 2013, the Maximillian’s Family novels are being released for the first time in eBook and Audio formats, along with a worldwide release of the novels in paperback.  Click on the highlighted novels for more information.

* Guiness Gang Series: One sister and four brothers — though miles separated them, they would always be family.

** Maxmillian’s Children Series: Three half-siblings — they grew up apart, but now they have united to solve the mystery of their father’s past.

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