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Catch Me

A New York Times Bestseller!!

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Library Journal - Best Books of 2012: Thrillers

International Thriller Writers - Best Novel of the Year Nominee 2012



At 8pm on 21st January, twenty-eight year old Charlie Grant believes she is going to be murdered and she wants Boston’s top homicide detective, D.D. Warren, to handle her death investigation.

Confronting D.D. at her latest crime scene, Charlie lays her cards on the table. For each of the last two years, one of her childhood friends has been murdered leaving Charlie as the only one of the three friends to remain alive.

But as D.D. delves deeper in to the details of Charlie’s case, she begins to question the young woman’s story. Because Charlie can now outfight and outrun anyone she meets and D.D.’s instinct is that she’s hiding a secret. A secret so explosive that Charlie herself may turn out to be the biggest danger of all…


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“…well-wrought suspense… Gardner skillfully tacks back and forth… Fans should enjoy the numerous cameos by characters from other Gardner novels.”– Publishers Weekly

“It’s hard to imagine Boston detective D. D. Warren slowing down, but back to work after a blissful, eight week maternity leave, she’s determined to strike some sort of balance in her life. Her first case, however, renders that an impossibility. An alleged serial killer is targeting pedophiles. While D. D. and her crew may sympathize with this vigilante murderer’s motives, they’re hell-bent on handling justice the right way and catching the killer. Meanwhile, D. D. is contacted by Charlie, a young woman who claims that she will be killed on January 21, just as her two former best friends were murdered on that date in the two consecutive years prior. While D. D. would like to dismiss Charlie as crazy, the facts are there to support her assertion. As the two investigations develop, it becomes apparent that they could be linked. Gardner really pulls you in the middle of the drama, alternating Charlie’s first-person retelling of the horrible circumstances of her life with the third-person narration of D. D.’s investigations. The creepy meter is off the charts…” – Starred Review – Mary Frances Wilkens – Booklist

“New York Times best-selling author Gardner (Love You More; Live To Tell; Alone) always plays in the big leagues, but this scare-your-socks-off thriller is a grand slam, packed with enigmatic characters (some good, some crazily evil), expert procedural detail, and superb storytelling. Readers will be guessing who done it until the final pages—and the author’s fans will love all the name-dropping from previous works. Fans of Michael Connelly and Harlan Coben will delight in Gardner’s scare-fest.”— Starred Review – Library Journal – Debbie Haupt

Gardner brings the ingredients to a rolling boil…  Irresistible high-wire melodrama…” – Kirkus Review

“Plan to stay awake for a few nights after reading the latest installment of Lisa Gardner’s D.D. Warren series… Gardner pulls out all the stops in CATCH ME, making it arguably the best in the series to date.” – Book Reporter – Joe Hartlaub

“Catch Me is a pulse-pounding, earth- shattering thriller that will take you on the ride of your life. But pay close attention, because not everything is as it appears to be. This is, without a doubt, Lisa Gardner at her finest.” – The Best Reviews – Lori Gondelman

” If you knew the exact date and time of your death, what would you do? “Everyone has to die sometime. Be brave.”… Gardner has become one of the best psychological thriller writers in the business. The compelling characters, the shocking plot and the realistic atmosphere of how police operate make this a “must read” for any suspense aficionado” – Associated Press – Jeff Ayers

“Lisa Gardner is a writer who gets better and better with each new book. Her latest, Catch Me, is the best thriller she has written to date. It is full of twists and turns, but best of all it is filled with fascinating characters who come to life on her pages. If you have not been a reader of Gardner’s fiction in the past, this is the time to jump in.”
 – Huffington Post – Jackie K. Cooper

“Gardner’s sixth Det. D.D. Warren thriller grabsl from the get-go…  Gardner ratchets up the suspense….” – PEOPLE magazine

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In the writing process I delete and add scenes quite often.  I will even write different endings and decide which one I like the most.  With digital technology, you can now see into my computer files and read those lost chapters.  Please visit my Catch Me Bonus page and read a fun deleted scene and an alternate ending to CATCH ME. 

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Dutton Books
Hardcover February 7, 2012
Paperback December 24, 2012
Cover Art © 2012

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